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Natural Gas Market Strengths Update

Natural Gas Market Weaknesses Update

  • Produces Harmful Emissions Natural gas produces some harmful emissions that researchers may want to replace in the future with less polluting fuels. Lower demand for natural gas could decrease prices and profits.

Natural Gas Market Trends Update

  • Good Trend: Expansion of Electricity Generation From Cars As the number of electric cars become more popular, the number of electricity utility generation capacity will have to increase. This will increase the demand for commodities from coal to natural gas,...
  • Good Trend: Renewable Energy Needs Natural Gas Renewable energy depends on natural gas as a standby form of energy. Therefore, as renewable energy becomes a larger part of global energy supplies, the use of natural gas will increase. Source:...
  • Good Trend: European Exploration of Shale Gas Numerous natural gas related companies are fanning out across Europe to find gas trapped in shale. Hydraulic fracturing is the technology that is making this difficult to obtain gas, cheap and easy to...
  • Good Trend: Peak Oil Supply The peak of increasing oil supply, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), will happen some time around the 2020 to 2030. This could increase the demand for oil extracting companies and...
  • Good Trend: Natural Gas Can Produce Hydrogen Fuel The introduction of hydrogen fuel may become a viable alternative to carbon emitting fuel sources, and thus, a huge new market of demand. When demand increases, prices increases.
  • Bad Trend: The Use Of New Energy Finding alternative energies will decrease demand for natural gas resources, which could potentially lowering prices for natural gas.


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