Grain Storage

Grain Storage Market Profile and Analysis

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General Information

Market: Grain Storage
Classification: No Specific Industry
Stage: Early Stage (testing)
Growth Rate:
Important Market Centers
Middle East
Required Commodities
Cotton Commodity Research and Analysis
Rice Commodity Research and Analysis
Milk Commodity Research and Analysis

Employment Profile

Careers: yes
Required Skills:
Other Details:
Specialty Schools For This Market

Recommended Degrees
Master in Science
Master in Business Administration (MBA)
Top Occupations in This Market


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India in second largets food grain producers in the world.
Every Year 10% grains are spoilled beacause of not having proper storage and handling facility.

Grain Storage Market Strengths Update

Good Govt support to agri banking sectors. Good scope for exoport as well as domestic sales.
Example Oil seed export have gain positive scored almost 125 -150% in last 3-4 yrs.
One Village of 25000 acre agriland with 15 mm rain,500-700 farmers can roughlly produced 1 carore value of food grain / Fruit n veg yearly

Grain Storage Market Weaknesses Update

Insufficients food grain storage facility across india.
Poor storage facility.

Grain Storage Market Trends Update

As per demand it will be growing by roughly 10-20 % Every year average.


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