Glass Market Profile and Analysis

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Market: Glass
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Glass Market Strengths Update

  • Customer Loyalty When given a choice, customers are loyal to glass. Instead of targeting all customers, glass only needs to target new customers in order to grow their business…
  • Cost Advantages Lower costs lead to higher profits for glass. A low cost leader can undercut rivals on price…
  • Brand Name A strong brand name is a major strength of glass. This gives glass the ability to charge higher prices for their products because consumers place additional value in the brand…

Glass Market Weaknesses Update

Glass Market Trends Update

  • Good Trend: Fragmented Market - glass Fragmented markets provide many opportunities for glass to expand and increase market share. Fragmented markets have many small competitive who lack the cost advantages of larger companies…
  • Bad Trend: Bad Economy A bad economy can hurt glass’s business by decreasing the number of potential customers…
  • Bad Trend: Volatile Revenue Volatile revenue makes planning difficult, which could delay key investments in glass’s business…


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