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General Information

Location: USA
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General Description

Area: n/a
Government: n/a
Top Local Schools:

Other Details: n/a


Total(s): n/a
Demographics: n/a
Growth Rates: n/a
Other Details: n/a


Growth Rates: n/a
Specialty Skills: n/a
Achievements: n/a%
Other Details: n/a
Major Industries:


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Economic Advantages of USA Update

  • Bankruptcy Treatment According to the Economist, America's enlighten attitude to corporate bankruptcy is designed to put economic resources back to productive use as quickly as possible. This means distinguishing between...
  • Entreprenuerial / Innovative Country Culture Innovative (or entrepreneurial) countries tend to outperform less innovative countries, because innovation opens new businesses with less competition. Additionally, innovation can change existing...
  • Economies of Scale Large countries also have economies of scale. More people can produce more goods and seek synergies between other industries within a single country. Scale can also benefit brain power because more...

Economic Disadvantages of USA Update

  • Health Care Cost Generally, health care is an expenses, so the higher the expenses, the less money is distributed to employees. US Health System: The US has the most expensive health care system in the world, but the...

How USA is Improving Update

  • Off-The-Shelf Military Procurement The US military is starting to purchase off the shelf software and hardware to reduce cost and increase speed to development. Typical made to order military goods are custom made and expensive; they...
  • Renewable Energy Renewable energy could provide higher profit margins and revenue growth. Global initiatives to fight global warming is causing many countries to subsidize and otherwise encourage the growth of...
  • Energy Independence Calls for energy independence may increase spending to achieve this goal, which will increase revenue and opportunities throughout the energy segment. Current energy situation may increase the need...


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