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This is a list of companies, ETFs and Mutual Funds with long term buy ratings. WikiWealth uses the same thorough analysis to grade all types of investments in order to make this comparable. Explore by clicking on a link.

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Customer Service (11hh)
Existing supply base previously hit by economic recession (2012)
Competitive advantage due to efficient and effective management of 6 core competencies (7-Eleven)
Leadership training
Android is better
Trying to create their own Branding Strategy will have a negative long term Commercial impact.
Economies of Scale (Abacus Real Estate )
requisite of laboratory equipments for diffusion of innovations
requisite of laboratory equipments for diffusion of innovations
-monetary assistance provided -high profitability and revenue  
International Expansion (Activia yogurt)
happy customers (Activity 2 _ Skoda)
Weak Supply Chain (Adidas shoes)
Pricing Power Allows ADT Security to Charge Higher Prices for Their Services
Emerging Markets and International Expansion Could Help American Eagle
Cost Advantages (Aeon company)
Pricing Power (Aeon company)
New Technology (Affin holdings)
Intense Competition (Agribusiness)
Cost Advantages (Agricultural development bank)
US Government Share Hangover Prevents Stock From Increasing
strong effort of advertising
Airline Cuts
Substitute Products (Air mauritius)
New Services (Airstream)
Brand Name (AKRSP)
Innovative Culture (AKRSP)
Customer Loyalty (Alarmforce)
Aldi uk:adam mcnally is defo the gay mate
Customer Service (Aldo)
Economies of Scale (Alibaba)
Critical production inputs are similar (Align 2.0)
preggo women
Strong Management (Aman resorts international pre ltd.)
Weak Brand (Aman resorts international pre ltd.)
Brand Name (Amante)
Customer Service (AMOY FOOD)
Innovative Culture (Angostura ltd)
Pricing Power (Ann Summers, multinational retailer)
How can you turn your strengths into opportunities
New Markets (APEX)
Flexible Schedule Allows Late Night Classes and Course Lengths
price changes (Apollo food holdings berhad)

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