About Wikiwealth

Founder's Story

Mark started investing at the age of 13 to pay for college. His successes allowed him to gain an education, work on Wall Street, and travel the world. After finally reading The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, he discovered a way to combine value investing principles with interactive web technology. Mark founded WikiWealth to mobilize the diverse talents of Main Street investors to produce the highest quality investment analysis. Now everyone can meet their investment goals as he did. Learn more about Mark's story. **Send Mark an Email to moc.htlaewikiw|ofni#moc.htlaewikiw|ofni.


WikiWealth's Story

WikiWealth was founded during the Great Recession to help everyday investors identify undervalued investments. For those brave enough to invest, the recession probably offered the greatest opportunities of their lifetime. WikiWealth recognized the extraordinary investment opportunities when others were fearful. We want Main Street investors to have the same success as us.


Analytical Quality

WikiWealth's analysts review absolutely every input. Each report is conservative by default, open to scrutiny, draws upon user input, updates in real-time, and is judged based on quality. If users disagree with the analysis, WikiWealth.com provides the ability to experiment without affecting the results for others. WikiWealth promotes feedback and encourages user innovation at every level. This peer review system helped Wikipedia to become as accurate as Britannica. In summary, users get free, high quality interactive research that's done by hand and is completely transparent. What's not to like?


… combines the sum of the world’s knowledge, thinking, and skills to produce the highest quality research and analysis for every type of investment. Our 6,000 reports cover everything from stocks and funds to people and occupations. People can find information anywhere, but they come to WikiWealth for answers to their investment questions.