Academic Magnet High School

Academic Magnet High School Education Profile and Analysis

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General Information

Name: Academic Magnet High School
Location: North Charleston
Students Served:
Email: n/a
Phone: (843) 746-1300
Website: n/a
1525 Avenue B South

Student Stats

Total(s): n/a
Demographics: n/a
Graduation Rates: n/a
Student Fees: n/a
Per Pupil Spending: n/a
Faculty/Student Ratio: n/a
Other Details: n/a

Academic Quality

Rankings: n/a
Test Results:
Teaching Credentials:
Achievements / Recognition n/a
Other Details: n/a

Top Programs

Academic Programs:

Extracurricular Programs:

Other Details: n/a

Top Graduate Occupations

Other Details: n/a


Web Presence




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Profile of Academic Magnet High School Update

Advantages of Academic Magnet High School

  • relies on human resource Its competitive advantage relies on human resource rather than physical resources (so it is: in substitutable ,rare, valuable ,difficult to imitate)
  • training and development Managements believing in the importance of training and development as an ongoing and continuous process.
  • Revision programs The revision programs conducted according to the academic levels of the students.

Disadvantages of Academic Magnet High School

  • nature and structure of building The nature and structure of building (vertical building) and the absence of school yards for consuming the excess energy of students in sports and other non academic activities.

How Academic Magnet High School is Improving Update

  • Advancement in technology Advancement in technology is a proper opportunity to offer educational service through internet (remote learning = distance learning) establishing electronic school.
  • Opportunities for establishing a new branches Opportunities for establishing a new branches for school as result of increasing demand for private educational services by many reasons : • Families send their sons to private schools satisfy social...
  • Decision made by government Decision made by government to allocate land for schools that have a reasonable number of students and that last for 10 year.


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