Investment Impact Analysis

Investment Impact Analysis

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Impact analysis was developed by WikiWealth to explain the positive and negative interaction between investments. The impact of certain effects within one asset class will affect many other asset classes, because the world of investments intertwined. WikiWealth's provides the tools to understand these interactions and clearly articulate their impact on each possible investment.

WikiWealth covers three investment classes: Companies, Commodities, and Countries. Examples of interactions are as follows:

Country's Impact:

  • Commodity: The growth of Chinese's cities will affect the price of steel.
  • Company: Chinese internet use, will increase the revenues for Google's, which provides search engine results.

Commodity Impact:

  • Country: The price of oil affects the budgets of Russian, which affect Russian investment on their country.
  • Company: High prices for copper, affect the revenues of copper-related companies.

Company Impact:

  • Country: Nokia is the largest company headquartered in Finland, so any decrease in profits for Nokia have a large impact on tax revenues for Finland.
  • Commodity: De Beers maintained a monopoly over the price of diamonds, because they held such a large share of the available supply of diamonds.