Brazil (BRL, Real) Economic & Currency Analysis

Brazil (BRL, Real) Currency FX Analysis

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Brazil SWOT Statistics

Strengths + Opportunities = 33

Threats + Weaknesses = 23

When strengths & opportunities substantially exceed threats & weaknesses an investment in the Real has great long term potential.

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Brazil is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and has a population of roughly 200 million. Brazil’s national language is Portuguese and the country’s rapidly growing economy is ranked eighth largest in the world with an annual growth rate of between 4-6%. Its economy is the largest among all South American nations and the second largest in the western hemisphere. The Amazon Rain Forest, located in Brazil, is the world’s largest rain-forest and covers approximately 2.3 million square miles. In 2014, Brazil will be host to the World Cup as well as the Olympics in 2016.

Real Currency Analysis Update

Factors That Positively Affect The Real

  • Sound Financial Policies Latin America has been able to resist many of the economics woes of the 2007-2010 recession with a little luck and some sounds financial policies. After the debt crisis of 1982, Latin America has...

Factors That Negatively Affect The Real

  • Informal Business Sector in Brazil A study of Brazil's informal sector by McKinsey suggests that informal businesses in Brazil are about half as productive as their competitors who follow the rules. This creates a climate where firms...