Money Mag Sivy 70 Portfolio & Analysis

Money Mag Sivy 70 Portfolio & Analysis


Money Mag Sivy 70 Indicators

Strengths + Opportunities = 612

Threats + Weaknesses = 408

When strengths & opportunities substantially exceed threats & weaknesses an investment in the Money Mag Sivy 70 Portfolio has great long term potential. Click on top ten investments to see SWOT analysis statements for each of Money Mag Sivy 70 Portfolio's top holdings.

The Money Magazine Sivy 70 is a list of 70 stocks that consists of the strongest, most secure stocks that should be obtained when they are undervalued. There are several defining characteristics of the stocks that place them into the Money Mag Sivy 70. The first is size. Most stocks in this list have market capitalizations and total revenues that top five billion dollars a year. The creators of this list also look for companies with a diversity in their product lines and a dominant position in the industry. Finally, companies are sought that have the capability of returning a steady 11% to 12% a year through earning gains and yeild.

Investment Impacts (help)

USA Country Flag Image & Analysis

USA Report The United States (US) has a highly productive, capitalist economy and is the largest and most diverse market in the world. USA's Fundamental Currency Analysis (short term investment): the US dollar (USD) has the potential to increase in value especially versus the Australian and Canadian dollar because of the significant potential of undervalued companies. USA's Value Investor Survey (short term investment): the economic environment is very favorable for long term economic growth due to high scores on economic freedom and economic diversity. USA's Currency Trading Strategy: An undervalued currency, high investment flow potential and favorable business environment lead to a positive outlook for US investments, which will also benefit from positive international actions.