Wool Commodity Research and Analysis

Wool Commodity Research and Analysis

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Wool Conclusion - Wool has few macro-economic factors that will cause prices to increase over a short period of time. An increase in demand will not cause a significant increase in price.

SWOT Statistics wool SWOT Analysis

Strengths + Opportunities = 6

Threats + Weaknesses = 3

Wool Description Update

Wool is textile fiber obtained from the skin cells of sheep and certain other animals. Wool is crimped, is elastic, and grows in staples; it is these qualities that distinguish it from hair or fur. Wool absorbs sound and does not melt or drip, and also has a lower rate of flame spread when compared to cotton. It is through sheep shearing that woolen fleece is cut off of a sheep. The leading producer of wool is Australia and it comes from mostly Merino Sheep. Organic wool is produced but it has a limited supply. Issues with the production of wool has become a concern within Animal rights groups.

What Increases the Price of Wool?

  • Many Benefits Of Wool Wool is resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew, which trigger reactions in some people. Wool is not artificially made from crude oil like other synthetics materials. ...
  • World's Leader In Animal Natural Fiber It's fire-retardant and complex protein structure make animal natural fiber exceptional resiliency and elasticity. Two-thirds of the wool harvest is used in the manufacture of garments and about...

What Decreases the Price of Wool?

  • High World Grain Prices High world grain prices are pushing up feed costs and also encouraging, particularly in WA, farmers to switch into grain production....
  • Crude Oil Used Because a natural resource supply is tapped in to making the synthetic fibers, once diminished to lower supply price for manufacturing wool will increase overtime until alternative resources are...
  • Easy to Come By The easier it is to come by the demand for it wont be as high for it keeping prices leveled until supply lessens for buyers.

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