Wheat Commodity Research and Analysis

Wheat Commodity Research and Analysis

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Wheat Conclusion - When Wheat prices increase, consumers can not easily switch to using other commodities; therefore, prices will remain elevated.

SWOT Statistics wheat SWOT Analysis

Strengths + Opportunities = 20

Threats + Weaknesses = 7

Wheat Description Update

Wheat is a grass that is now grown worldwide. Wheat is used for flour to make bread, cakes, cereals, pasta, cookies, and animal feed. Wheat is the leading source of plant protein for people and the second most consumed plant for people. Wheat is also a large part of the diet of a variety of livestock around the world. Different parts of the wheat plant can be used for different things including food, primitive building materials, and biofuels. However, wheat is difficult and expensive to harvest and is very susceptible to disease. Global warming can also negatively affect wheat supply.

What Increases the Price of Wheat?

What Decreases the Price of Wheat?

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Bullish Case for Wheat?

Bearish Case for Wheat?

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