Opium Commodity Research and Analysis

Opium Commodity Research and Analysis

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Opium Conclusion - Opium has few macro-economic factors that will cause prices to increase over a short period of time. An increase in demand will not cause a significant increase in price.

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Strengths + Opportunities = 2

Threats + Weaknesses = 2

Opium Description Update

Opium is a plant that produces a fruit from which morphine and codeine are produced, making it an important commodity for pain relieving drugs. The morphine and codeine is contained in a liquid, called latex, that is found in the fruit of the plant. The latex traditionally was harvested by cutting into the fruit and allowing the latex to leak from the fruit. It then dries into a sticky brown substance. This substance is then gathered and processed. Opium latex is often illegally converted into heroin which multiplies the content of morphine and codeine. It is also much easier to smuggle when converted. Opium poppies are also used for food and for religious ceremonies which dates back many years.

What Increases the Price of Opium?

  • Medicinal Use Opium is used in a multitude of prescription drugs. Legal opium importation from India and Turkey is conducted by Mallinckrodt, Noramco, Abbott Laboratories, and Purdue Pharma in the United States,...

What Decreases the Price of Opium?

  • Heroin Opium poppy is the main component in Heroin. Heroin, or diacetylmorphine (INN), also known as diamorphine (BAN), is a semi-synthetic opioid drug synthesized from morphine, a derivative of the opium...

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