Heating Oil Commodity Research and Analysis

Heating Oil Commodity Research and Analysis

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Heating Oil Conclusion - Heating Oil has few macro-economic factors that will cause prices to increase over a short period of time. An increase in demand will not cause a significant increase in price.

SWOT Statistics heating-oil SWOT Analysis

Strengths + Opportunities = 4

Threats + Weaknesses = 1

Heating Oil Description Update

Heating oil is a petroleum-derived product that is mostly used a fuel for furnaces and boilers in buildings. Trucks commonly deliver heating oil to industrial, commercial and residential buildings. 25% of a barrel of oil is converted to create heating oil; this is the second only to gasoline. Heating oil competes with natural gas and propane to heat homes throughout the United States; especially where the two alternative fuels are not available. Heating oil can be traded on several exchanges and these contracts have delivery dates throughout the year. kjbkjhj

What Increases the Price of Heating Oil?

  • High Market Demand Heating oil accounts for about twenty five percent (25%) of the yield of a barrel of crude oil, the second largest cut after gasoline (petrol). Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heating_oil Oil...

What Decreases the Price of Heating Oil?

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Bullish Case for Heating Oil?

Bearish Case for Heating Oil?

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